Wales sets out new Digital Strategy

The Welsh Government has launched its first Digital Strategy for Wales, establishing a vision for the development and deployment of digital tools and services across the nation.

With a focus on delivering better digital outcomes for the people of Wales, its key goals include:

  • Increasing economic opportunities 

  • Delivering a more prosperous and resilient society. 

  • Designing services around users to improve social cohesion, 

  • Creating a more healthy and equal society through well-connected communities 

The strategy will shape the development of digital services across a wide range of stakeholders including local authorities, academia, community councils, health boards and trusts, education providers, fire and rescue bodies, third sector and social partnerships. 

The strategy is built around six missions that are designed to accelerate digital innovation:

Digital Services: Delivering and modernising services so that they are designed around user needs and are simple, secure and convenient.

Digital Inclusion: Equipping people with the motivation, access, skills and confidence to engage with an increasingly digital world, based on their needs.

Digital Skills: Creating a workforce that has the digital skills, capability and confidence to excel in the workplace and in everyday life.

Digital Economy: Driving economic prosperity and resilience by embracing and exploiting digital innovation.

Digital Connectivity: Supporting services with fast and reliable infrastructure.

Data and Collaboration: Improving services by working together, with data and knowledge being used and shared.

Launching the strategy, Lee Waters MS, Deputy Minister for Economy and Transport said: “I want to ensure people in Wales experience modern and efficient public services supported by good, ethical, use of data. I want to stimulate innovation in our economy and support businesses to develop the resilience they need to succeed. I want to provide the people of Wales with the confidence they need to engage in their communities and in modern society.”

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