BCP Council targets £44m in savings with new transformation partners

Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole (BCP) Council has established a Strategic Implementation Partnership (SIP) to help deliver the council's transformation programme and secure £44m in savings. KPMG and Agilisys have been jointly-appointed for the SIP.

The partnership is for up to six years, although the council’s transformation programme is expected to complete within three years. The framework contract has a maximum cost of £18million.

Graham Farrant CEO BCP“This SIP will establish the foundations for a sustainable, digitally-led future for the council, focusing on what matters most to our customers and adds the greatest value to their lives,” said Graham Farrant, Chief Executive of BCP Council. “With automation and enterprise-wide solutions at the heart of our organisation design, we will be digitally dexterous and aim to establish ourselves as a leader amongst our peers. Our operating model builds a digital future for the council and our customers based on the foundations of strong data and insights to shape our services and support for our communities.”

The partnership will focus on maximising efficiency to achieve the best outcomes for residents.

BCP Council’s ambitious Transformation Programme involves such large-scale change that the SIP has been appointed to provide the additional expertise and capacity to deliver at the required pace.

“KPMG and Agilisys recognised the scale and opportunity of the work required to achieve the operating model we have committed to, bringing a winning combination of management consultancy and technological expertise to our strategic partnership,” added Farrant, previously Chief Executive at Thurrock and Brentwood councils.

With a zero-value framework contract, the SIP will deliver the work in manageable and cost-effective ways, with the time and scale of each work package defined in chunks. This means designing, developing, and implementing solutions and change quicker, more accurately reflecting the technological developments at any given time. The contract structure also allows the council to re-evaluate each work package prior to commencement, to determine if it still meets the stated needs, at no additional risk or cost.

The first two work packages the SIP will deliver are the production of a strategic programme of organisational design, including any work packages required, and the development of technology options that are essential to the delivery of that operating model.

Chris Townsend OBE, Partner, Infrastructure, Government and Healthcare Lead at KPMG UK, said: “Digital transformation, which uses new technologies to connect the front, middle and back office, is crucial to helping local government connect with their communities most effectively, while also saving on costs. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for digital solutions that respond to residents who want to access local services the moment they need them and in a way that fits seamlessly into their everyday life. That’s why right now councils across the country need to be thinking about how they can use digital technology to transform their vital services to better meet the needs all of their residents.”

Andrew Mindenhall, Chief Executive at Agilisys added: “We are delighted to be working with BCP Council and KPMG to help transform the way services are delivered across the region. By working closely with the teams involved, we will draw on our extensive local and regional government experience to deliver the technology required to improve the way customer service is delivered and advance the authority’s data and insights capability. These are crucial elements in making BCP Council’s organisational design model a reality and enabling better outcomes its citizens.”

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