GovX Show #43: Open Innovation in GovTech - Roy Zaban

It's no longer enough for government simply to 'buy-in' innovation and new technology. Instead, there's a growing trend for the public sector to work in partnership with start-ups and emerging suppliers to collaboratively develop new solutions.

Roy Zaban joins Tim Coulthard to explain how public sector organisations can tap into the GovTech and start-up ecosystem. Until recently Roy was Head of Govtech at the Israeli NGO CREATORS, and helped to create the Israeli government's open innovation strategy.

In this episode you'll learn how to:

  • Co-develop new solutions to digital challenges with GovTech partners
  • Foster an internal culture of innovation
  • Learn from other public sector organisations by sharing best practice
  • Get started on innovation and collaboration in your own government organisation



Check out the free-to-watch, on-demand version of our conference session 'How can Start-Ups Drive Innovation in the Public Sector?'

Read CREATORS' GovTech Report: Public Sector Meets Innovation

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