Infographic: A Blueprint for Public Sector Leaders of the Future

We’ve distilled insights from the global government change makers in our network to envisage the key traits of the next generation of public leaders.

Blueprint for Public Sector Leaders of the Future (4).png

At a Glance: Leadership qualities for future government

Fast learner

Takes weeks not months to pick up new skills.

Systems thinker

Intuitively understands service and enterprise architecture. 

Future scanner

Can see tech and cultural changes before they arrive.

Ground-level awareness

Knows how policy is playing out in reality.

Cross-organisational operator

Breaks through siloes to build collaborative projects.

Culturally attuned

Gets the organisational culture and can sell ideas into it.


Build services around the needs of the end user, not the organisation.

Adaptable and resilient

Moves quickly to respond to a fast-changing world.

Iterative thinker

Test, adapts and listens to feedback loops to design solutions.

Digitally literate

Understands how to apply technology to improve outcomes.


Uses data to inform the decision, design & operation of services.

Ethically aware

Prioritises privacy and security in digital government.

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