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Government Transformation Show

10-19 May 2022 | Online Conference

Transforming Civil Service Delivery

Pleased to share my thoughts on the future of public sector leadership as part of the conference.”

- Rupert McNeil, Chief People Officer UK Government, Cabinet Office

Government Transformation Show is the UK's biggest public sector transformation conference - a twice-yearly digital gathering of over 800 policy owners, innovation leaders and service commissioners, from across central government and the devolved administrations.

The Covid crisis and response has been transformative for the Civil Service, highlighting what works well and what needs to change as set out in the Prime Minister's recent 'Declaration on Government Reform' - which prioritised people, performance and private sector partnerships to achieve a transformation in government delivery.

Every November and May we bring together Programme, Organisational Delivery, Digital Data and Technology, HR & Organisational Development directors and their teams for an average of 5 hours 20 minutes each - engaging them with live panel discussions, private CXO roundtables, and keynote presentations.

Our May conference was:

  • 835 attendees
  • 199 registrations per Sponsor Session (average)
  • 8.6/10 Average Session rating
  • 65% Of delegates opted-in to share contact info for post-event follow-ups

Off the back of this, our commercial partners were able to:

  • Build individual executive credibility, and raise organisational profile
  • Discover early-stage business opportunities and identify project champions
  • Engage face-to-face with new government contacts
  • Map out project spending priorities
  • Generate marketing qualified leads

A big thanks from me for putting on a really good session. Good participants and the flow worked really well. Learned some good lessons!"

- Alexander Holt, Head of Emerging Opportunities, Digital Directorate, Scottish Government

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