NCSC CEO delivers first speech setting out cyber security vision

In her first speech as chief executive of the new NCSC, Lindy Cameron has paid tribute to the bold decision to create a public-facing cyber security organisation within GCHQ.


Lindy cited recent examples like ransomware cases and the SolarWinds and Microsoft Exchange compromises as showing the real danger the UK faces – and how she envisions the NCSC helping to further increase the UK’s cyber resilience.

She also set out her vision of how the NCSC can help to further increase the UK's cyber resilience and usher in a new era of technological ambition, agility and internationalism to make the UK the safest place to live and do business online.

Lindy went on to outline that key priorities for the NCSC included ensuring that:

  • critical infrastructure is made as hard a target as possible for those that might seek to disrupt it
  • the ever-increasing amounts of data generated and processed are properly protected – and privacy is appropriately managed
  • the next generation of commodity technologies don’t repeat the security mistakes of the past
  • future generations are better equipped to deal with this complexity than any of their predecessors

The virtual speech to an audience at Queen’s University, Belfast.

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