Infographic: How data is transforming public sector performance

As cloud, interoperability and AI become increasingly prevalent in government technology, what new data-driven outcomes will they unlock for our citizens?

How Data is Transforming Government (1).png

Policy making

Interoperability between cloud-based datasets identifies patterns informs data-driven decision making

Financial systems automation

Machine learning reviews patterns to identify potential fraud or payment delays in government activities like tax collection or procurement.

Citizen engagement

Machine learning monitors public sentiment in digital arenas like social media to generate behavioural insights

Public health 

Daily Covid infection vaccination data in the UK keeps citizens informed about the basis for policy decisions

Local plans

Mapping social and environmental data allows local authorities to design geographically appropriate planning policies 


The Met Office uses supercomputing, data interchange and interoperability on a global scale to significantly increase forecasting accuracy

Utilities and infrastructure

Remote sensors and satellites drive data insights that optimise delivery of public utilities like water, highways and energy

Service performance

Capturing engagement and compliance with digital services like tax returns improves workflows and Customer Experience

Neighbourhood renewal

Overlaying different datasets like employment, health and crime identifies place-specific solutions and community interventions.

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