Celebrating analysis in Government

Government analysis has always been so important, but the last year has truly highlighted this, writes Head of the Government Analysis Function and National Statistician, Professor Sir Ian Diamond.

Ian DiamondI am in awe of how, as a community, the UK’s analysts have risen to the challenges presented by the pandemic. I am extremely proud of what analysts across government have achieved and how everyone has helped highlight the importance of analysis in shaping our future. A true demonstration of what we can achieve when we work together.

After the year we have all had, connecting with other colleagues and reaching out to new colleagues is more important than ever which is why I am highlighting the first Analysis in Government month in May 2021. It is going to be a fantastic event and a real opportunity to shine a light on the importance and relevance of analysis today.

The month features a range of content including seminars, panel sessions, training events and blog posts. The campaign aims to engage with analysts working across government and encourage collaborative working by bringing the analytical community together.

The month is open to all members of the Government Analysis Function, local government analysts, aspiring analysts (both inside and outside of government) and anyone with an interest in government analysis for example, other civil servants, academics or analysts in non-government organisations.

I am honoured to be opening Analysis in Government Month on Tuesday 4 May at a launch event and taking part in a panel discussing the future of analysis in government. 

Please do join me and make the most of the connections and opportunities available to you.

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