Citizen Experience Show
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Citizen Experience Show

10-19 May 2022 | Online Conference

Inclusive Service Design & Delivery.

Often as busy public sector leaders we don’t have the time to synthesise new thinking so your conference is a great way of fast tracking and getting to the heart of issues. I loved the practical tips and sharing of information."

- Anne-Louise Clark, Executive Director Communication and Change at Audit Wales

Citizen Experience Show brings together the UK's biggest line-up of government service and delivery leaders, featuring panel discussion, presentations, fireside chats and closed-door CXO roundtables.

Our twice-annual online gathering of UK government executives every November and May bring together over 400 public sector service heads, designers and contact centre directors from across all tiers of government.

Conference attendees spend an average of 5 hours 20 minutes engaging with live panel discussions, private roundtables, and keynote presentations.

Off the back of this, our commercial partners are able to:
• Build individual executive credibility, and raise organisational profile
• Discover early-stage business opportunities and identify project champions
• Engage face-to-face with new government contacts
• Map out project spending priorities
• Generate marketing qualified leads

Good to talk through what this year has been like and think about the future” 

- James Marshall, Head of Customer and Communications at Southampton City Council

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